Building Blocks Package Breakdown

Supermarket Smarts

Client will receive downloadable PDF workbook that includes essential information for organizing your shopping trips, including how to stay focused on your list and your budget.

Initial Consultation

50-60 minutes - Assessment of the client’s goals. We will confidentially discuss all issues and goals. 

Grocery Shopping Tours - 60 minutes per tour

  • Tour One - Produce, Bakery/Deli, Butcher/ Seafood 
  • Tour Two - Dairy/Cheese, Canned/Dry Goods, Processed Food

Cooking Sessions - In home 

  • Session 1 - Kitchen Utensil Essentials - 60 minutes - Client will receive a downloadable PDF as well as a print out of the list of kitchen tools that I feel are important and why, as well as where to purchase them.  
  • Session 2 -  90 minutes - Client will learn to prepare two simple recipes in the comfort of their home kitchen.

Final thoughts/Wrap-up

50-60 minutes - We will define the value of the program from the client’s point of view. What are the biggest tangible changes since the beginning of the program and discuss.


Cost - $800 plus cost of groceries

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