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Amy Tisi

Healthy Living Coach

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Meet Amy

Hi there and welcome to Ready Steady Healthy! My name is Amy Tisi, a vibrant Healthy Living Coach, and I am so happy you are here!

I’m 5’2”, eyes of blue, and have an incredible love for anything and everything food related. Ever since I can remember, food has been a huge part of my life. Not only can the smell of a certain dish take me back to a particular place and time, but food brings people together and has the ability to create wonderful lifetime memories. I distinctly remember my first bite of a hot fudge sundae after a dance recital when I was a kid and sitting down to my favorite family meal of my Grandma Tisi’s homemade pasta and fresh tomato sauce. Those are the kinds of visceral memories that food can create for us.

I have to admit I always haven’t had a love affair with food. In the summer of 2012, I had one of the biggest health scares of my life. I was working incredibly long and stressful hours at my full time graphic design job, several freelance jobs at night and on the weekends, and all with the same deadline. On top of all it, I was taking a night class that had very detailed homework assignments. Months had gone by and all of a sudden, I woke up to find that my weight had soared, my joints were extremely stiff, and for the first time I had a severe case of cystic acne. I had a sinking feeling of complete disharmony physically, mentally and emotionally. I knew I needed to take a step back and do some serious investigating into what was happening to me.

Determined to get answers, I made appointments to see my General Practitioner as well as my Dermatologist. I thought for certain one or both of them were going to provide the answers that I was looking for and I would be all set! Not only did I leave both doctors feeling deflated and misunderstood, I left carrying bags of prescription samples and feeling more hopeless, frustrated and angry then I ever imagined. I could have given up at that point, but I didn’t. Something deep down was shouting at me to continue to search for answers – answers that I knew a bottle of medication could not and would not fix. I took a deep breath, dusted myself off, and continued on my quest.

At the same time that I was figuring out who to see next, a dear friend and fellow health warrior was going through her own battles and recommended the kinesiologist she was seeing. I completely trusted her opinion and immediately made an appointment with him. During my first appointment, I felt that I was truly being listened to. In order to understand what was going on with my body, Dr. K wanted me to first get a full blood panel. That would help break things down and see exactly what was going on. Once we got the results he said, “Amy, your body is shutting down. The good thing is that we can reverse what is happening with the proper food and supplements.” Hearing “your body is shutting down...” shook me to my core and at that moment, I knew it would not take just a quick fix to lead a more robust and healthy life, but that I needed to get serious and make a complete change in lifestyle. I wasn’t concerned how long it took, I knew that this was what both my body and soul needed.

That fateful day in June 2012 made me realize that I needed to take control and that this would be the beginning of a lifelong journey to better physical and mental health. You have one body, this one vessel, and in order for it to function at full throttle and do it’s amazing magic on a day to day basis, you need to take the time to take care of it – full body, mind and soul. If I hadn’t done it then, then when? It has taken some time and a little experimenting to realize that what I eat and how I move really does affect how I feel and function. Over time, I have awakened to what this amazing experience this has been for me. And you know what? I am thrilled with the results, and I absolutely love this body of mine and what it can do! I am here to tell you that there is no reason why you too cannot get the same results. The answers are available to everyone! You can have the healthiest life possible without it being a chore, but a daily ritual you look forward to and love in caring for yourself.

My own personal experience is what brings me here today. I am incredibly happy and proud to say that I am a Certified Healthy Living Coach and my mission is to pay it forward and be by your side. I will be your own personal cheerleader and show you how YOU can be your own health advocate. If you’ve struggled with your weight over the years, wrestled with stiff joints, headaches, allergies, constantly battled tiredness or feel that the only way you can get through the day is by taking medication or drinking coffee, I am here to say it does not have to be that way. Every one of us is a unique and awesome machine – one size does not fit all. With an open mind, time, and embracing the process to make a commitment to yourself, you CAN live a healthy, happy and extraordinary life. It’s your time to shine and I cannot wait to be a part of your journey!